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Judah Handari

Category: Healing

Testimony of Judah Handari

Pastor Judah Handari joined the Revival Fellowship in 2002. Before coming into Revival, Pastor Judah was a strong Seventh Day Adventists. He spend many years with the Adventist group. However, some where along the walk of life, he came across some Revival Group, who preached to him regarding the Born Again experience.

At first Pastor Juday was a bit reluctant, he came from a strong Adventist background, he resisted, and challenged the Revival preachers. However after debating with Revivalist, he was told this simple Good News of Salvation. The Revival brothers told him to follow the command of the Lord Jesus Christ, by being born again of water and the Holy Spirit.

The Revival Brothers told him that, even though you claim that you are a believer, you have not received the Holy Spirit yet. They told him, you got to be born again. They witnessed to him with convincing proof and scriptural backing.