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Pastor Roger Orare

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Pastor Roger Orare. Pastor Roger of Okapa District, Eastern Highlands.

Pastor Roger Orare is Pastor in charge of Revival Centres house meetings and sub-centres in Okapa District, Eastern Highlands Province, under administration of Goroka Assembly.

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Pastor Roger Orare’s testimony will be updated when information becomes available.
Pastor Roger Orare is pastor in charge of Revival Centres House Meetings in Okapa District, Eastern Highlands (Goroka Assembly) .
If you live in Okapa District and would like to attend a Revival Meeting, you can contact Pastor Roger, who can direct you to a house meeting near you. If you have any questions about the Revival Centres, our Beliefs and Doctrines, do contact us. Our Pastors will be happy to answer your questions. Pastor Roger Orare can be contacted on Phone: 7268 6749