Repent, Be Baptised, Receive The Holy Spirit.
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Fundamental Beliefs Of REVIVAL FELLOWSHIP


  • We Believe in the infallibility of the BIBLE
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God.
  • We believe the gospel of His death, resurrection, and directive to repent, be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe we are baptised into the Body of Christ (the Church) through the Holy Spirit, with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • We believe in the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church.
  • We believe in prayer for the sick and healing by the power of God.
  • We believe the Bible identifies modern nations and gives signs of the imminent return of Jesus Christ.



  • MIPELA BILIP LONG toktok bilong Baibel.
  • MIPELA BILIP Jisas Krais em i Pikinini Man bilong God.
  • MIPELA BILIP long Jisas i dai, kirap gen,yumi mas sori long ol sin bilong yumi, baptais na kisim Holi Spirit.
  • MIPELA BILIP mipela baptais na kisim Holi Spirit na em i mekim mipela kamap memba bilong bodi bilong Krais (Sios).
  • MIPELA i toktok long narapela tokples.
  • MIPELA BILIP long ol presen na mirakel bilong Holi Spirit i kamap insait long sios.
  • MIPELA BILIP long prea long ol sikman na paua bilong God yet i rausim sik bilong ol.
  • MIPELA BILIP Baibel i tok long ol kain kain mak i wok long kamap na bai i kamap long soim, kam-bek gen bilong Bikpela Jisas Krais liklik taim.